FUPA Definition

FUPA - pronounced (Foo-Pah) The roll of flab over the genitals of obese people. Looks most hideous when seen through sweatpants. The word FUPA stands for "Fat Upper Pubic Area".
Safari - (suh-fahr-ee) a journey or expedition, for hunting, exploration, or investigation, especially at Walmart, the mall food court, or fast food restuarants.

The Beached FUPA

During the summer months in North America it is not uncommon to see a FUPA washed up on the beach.  While experts are unsure as to why the FUPA beach themselves many theories abound.

Historical records indicate that FUPA's have been beaching themselves since 300 B.C., however, it seems that recently this phenomenon is occurring more frequently than previously thought. 

One theory is that the FUPA are highly social and as such seek to be around others.  They seem to be attracted to the smell of Coppertone which causes them to leave the cool waters and venture to the shore.  Often, too exhausted to continue, the FUPA will lose their will to live and simply lie on the beach too weak to move. 

Should you see a beached FUPA do not try to move the FUPA back into the water on your own.  Any efforts to rescue FUPA should be done by trained professionals.