FUPA Definition

FUPA - pronounced (Foo-Pah) The roll of flab over the genitals of obese people. Looks most hideous when seen through sweatpants. The word FUPA stands for "Fat Upper Pubic Area".
Safari - (suh-fahr-ee) a journey or expedition, for hunting, exploration, or investigation, especially at Walmart, the mall food court, or fast food restuarants.

The FUPA In Repose

Behold the FUPA in repose. In its public habitat the FUPA often does not care who notices it.

Displaying its massive physique, the FUPA sometimes dares the world not to look. This FUPA has nearly morphed into its larger cousin on the food-chain, the GUPA (Giant Upper Pubic Area).

Such sitings of the FUPA are not uncommon. Sporting events offer a bountiful dichotomy for the FUPA. While the crowd watches the atheletes play their sport, the FUPA sits quietly while contemplating its next meal.

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